WInters Lane

By Richard Timms


Winters’ Lane

Winters’ Lane TMD is a small fictitious motive power depot set ‘somewhere’ in the North of England. Squeezed into a small patch of ground between housing and industry, it is a compact and for the time, relatively modern facility with mechanical ash plant, large coaler and a medium sized shed. Despite all this, it is fast becoming redundant as the modernisation plan gathers speed.

The scene is set in January 1963, the first heavy snows of that long winter have arrived and the railways are struggling, if it can pull a train, it’s out there, working. So almost anything could appear on Winters’ Lane for water, coal and servicing, that’s my excuse to run locomotives I like. So expect to see a Garret, A Q1 or anything else that is exotic, apart from GWR of course! The only thing you’ll not see are diesels, there’s no facilities here for them. Even the shunters stable in the nearby marshalling yard.

The snow lies thick over the depot and town, this is from the Noch range as well as plain powder filler and is fixed with either glue, varnish, photo-mount and simple hair spray! Buildings are mostly from the range of ready made structures from both Hornby and Bachmann and the Northlight engine shed and offices are stonecast kits by Townstreet Models and retaining walls by Ten Commandments, some of the larger buildings such as the coaler, ash plant and water tower are removable for transport and use Lego blocks to align then.

The scene represents twilight to night time and uses blue spotlights on a dimmer circuit. Buildings are soon to be lit internally along with yard and street lights. If while watching this monochrome, almost black and white scene, you feel cold, then I have achieved what I was aiming for.